Klinik Mobilyaları is a medical brand of ND Architecture Company. ND Architecture Company was founded in 2007 and it has signed to many project such as sites, villas, offices, hotels, shops and clinics while doing architectural and interior design projects. The application projects that have been prepared by a project specialist team are brought to life with the excellent manufacturing and applications. Our company aims to give a service with on time delivery, understanding of a quality service and trouble-free operation as a company principle.

Clinical design is an area of expertise of ND Architecture Company. It has been created functional and aesthetic ambiances for both our dentist and patients as well as supplying the design of the modern equipments and technological infrastructure to the clinics. We are manufacturing clinical cabinets, sterilization furniture and secretary desks under the name of “Klinik Mobilyaları” brand since 2010. Demands of our dentists and site-specific furniture designs are being supplied to the dentist with the most fast, most economic and reliable way.

Klinik Mobilyaları; always aims to serve with the high quality product to the customers, to keep the customers satisfaction along with the product quality at highest level.

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